MAP Innovation is a strategic advisory boutique.

We work with start-ups, helping them grow and scale; with mature and established companies, assisting them to incorporate innovation into their existing business; with academic institutions, connecting research with business and helping to commercialize R&D; and local and national authorities, helping them to innovate as well as to build innovation communities and ecosystems.

Our team consists of strategists with extensive know-how and data analytics skills. In order to deliver top of the line services, we leverage our partnerships with established companies, the public sector, academia and startups. We are a team of Senior professionals, with a passion to innovate. Our combined experience covers the whole spectrum of your needs from Strategy development to execution. 

MAP Innovation is part of MAP S.Platis Group, a leading financial services consulting Group with clients that include regulators, banks, funds and fund managers, investment firms, brokers, fintech firms, insurance firms and payment and electronic money institutions. With a team of experts, currently comprising over 400 high-calibre professionals, provides unique and tailored solutions in licensing, regulatory compliance, risk management, internal audit, human resources, regulatory technology, information technology, business resilience, information security including cybersecurity, governance, executive training and innovation consulting to financial and other firms in the UK, Cyprus, Hong Kong and the EU.

Why choose us

We love & know what we do!




Value Oriented


We work with you to design innovation and business growth strategies, build your internal capabilities and help you finance your innovation!


We create a purpose-led strategy that is future focused and driven by innovation.
We will assist you to grow through product, service, and business model innovation, by identifying where to start and how to structure your transformation. Our aim is to support you to deal with disruption, stay relevant and identify and develop new growth opportunities. 

In cooperation with our clients, we identify drivers of change and their impact on our business and understand core competencies and how they can be leveraged. We challenge current thinking, and we identify opportunities for growth in core / adjacent and white sectors. Together, we will define your game plan in current and future markets and develop multiple pathways and clear plans to achieve our goals. In addition, we will help you develop world class innovation capabilities and culture by planning and embedding an innovation culture and developing innovation professionals through learning via trainings / workshops and field trips to innovation ecosystems.


We develop fresh perspectives on market dynamics, customer needs & change drivers
We identify opportunities long term strategic growth, while providing clear recommendations on how to reap low-hanging fruit, accompanied by an actionable implementation roadmap. We define objectives and requirements with a focus on:

  • Competencies: Mapping of core competencies and transferability into adjacent / transformational markets
  • Market: Analysis, penetration requirements, entry strategies
  • Trends and disruptions: we look at the potential implications of relevant megatrends and local disruptors for your chances of success in each market
  • Competitive advantage: Competition analysis, analysis of market position
  • Stakeholders: Mapping of stakeholders, partnership development


We help you identify sources of financing for your projects.
Whether you are a startup looking for financing for your new venture, a public sector body or a corporate wishing to identify funding sources for their innovation projects, we will assist you discover the possibilities, decide on the course of action, and manage the process of securing the required funds. Financing can come in many forms. We will utilize our long experience in dealing with EU financial instruments to direct you towards all the available funding opportunities, select the most appropriate scheme and manage the process of submission of a competitive proposal. In addition to grants, we can identify investors according to the maturity stage of your project or startup and support you during the negotiations process.


We gather and analyze external and internal information in order to deliver valuable insights for decision-making of our clients.
We perform market research, product market research, attitude market research, public policy research and evaluations of public policy reforms. In addition, we help clients with segmentation and clustering analyses in order to identify the most and least valuable customers, obtain an understanding of the needs of different customer segments, predict which new customers are likely to become most valuable and develop products that appeal to certain segments.

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things"

Who we work with

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing!


We assist established companies to thrive in a constantly changing business environment. We give them all the support that they need to deal with disruption, stay relevant and future-proof their business, no matter what their pain points are. We help our clients to bring innovative change to their core business and keep the competitive edge ahead of or with startups. We support them to run brainstorming workshops, build prototypes and test ideas and customer appetite and create own venture capital arms.


We serve high growth startups and innovative small companies across the spectrum of various industries. Scaling to the new markets, relocating headquarters, raising capital, getting clarity on business directions requires practical know-how of the business environment and market conditions. We provide various consulting services to startups, such as business model development, investment attraction strategy, expansion to new markets strategy, pricing strategy, financial model, business plan and other services.

Public sector

We work with local and national authorities to assist them with their digital transformation, as well as to build innovation communities and ecosystems through training and capacity-building.

Academic institutions

We enjoy excellent relationships with academic institutions with which we collaborate on research projects. We also work with Universities and other tertiary education institutions to assist with the commercialization of R&D, business development, and organization of events between researchers and business.

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