Services for startups


If you are a startup, you understand that success goes beyond the development of a good product and intellectual property. Scaling to the new markets, relocating headquarters, raising capital, getting clarity on business directions requires practical know-how of the business environment and market conditions.

We can help you remove these growth barriers, as well as the administrative and operational hassles, in order to  allow you to focus on building a robust business. Our team will provide structure and insights for faster scaling.


We work across all industries, with startups that excite us and teams that challenge us.

Our services have been developed for startups by people with vast experience as founders, management consultants and advisors.

What we offer

Strategy and planning

Your startup strategy is critical to the company’s survival. We will help you articulate your unique value proposition, segment your clients and design your go-to-market strategy. Where needed, we will provide hands-on support with market and competition analyses, discuss your pricing strategy and assist you to build a network with your stakeholders.

What you will end up with:

  • A clear understanding of your startup’s strategy and vision
  • Strategic plan
Business structure / financials

We recognize that most startups begin their journey as a group of founders who generally handle all aspects of the business. As you grow, it’s important to define roles, set milestones and key performance indicators, as well as a monitoring structure. This is the stage where the financials of the business also grow in relevance. We will help you prepare your financial projections and, where needed, your company’s valuation. We will discuss with you and challenge you based on our experience, so as to ensure that your projections are as close to reality as possible.

What you will end up with:

  • A business plan
  • Financial projections
Financing your venture

Identifying sources of financing for your startup can be tricky and overwhelming. Our expert team can advise you on the best strategy(ies) to follow and support you in reaching your objectives.Whether you are planning to launch a funding round and will be looking for investors, or are focusing on applying for grants, we will roll our sleeves and work with you in order to ensure that all material required is prepared to the highest quality possible.

What you will end up with:

  • Your startup’s valuation
  • Pitchdeck