Services for corporates


If you are a corporate, you will agree that innovation is critical to success.  In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses are looking for new ways to create better products, capture more prospects, maximize sales, and more.

Many recognized companies leverage the power of various corporate innovation models to achieve accelerated growth. However, with so many corporate innovation models to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your business? More importantly, which corporate innovation model contributes to the fastest and greatest level of growth?

Corporate innovation can happen within or outside of a business. It can be carried out by internal employees, or contracted to third parties. It can be the sole task of dedicated labs or teams, or everyone’s responsibility. How best to innovate relies on the business itself. What problems need to be solved, who should be tasked with solving them, and in which industry or areas? Before deciding on any of the above options, businesses need to know what they want to achieve. Without a clear strategy to back it up, innovation is just a buzzword.


  • In-depth analysis of tech, business, VC and other investment trends
  • Assessment of innovation capabilities
  • Development of innovation agenda
  • Creation of innovation radar for identification of current and future trends
  • Facilitation of entrepreneurship, new ideas generation and growth
  • Creation of entrepreneurship culture, process and developing spin-offs
  • Development of non-formal, creative environment of a startup community for own employees
  • Creation of own Venture Capital arm and full-immersion into the startup ecosystem,
  • Identifying digital opportunities
  • Creating digital transformation journey
  • Organization of innovation workshops and hackathons
  • Scouting for relevant start-ups with compatible business model