We work with you to design innovation and business growth strategies, build your internal capabilities and help you finance your innovation!

We design solutions, we impact public sector organizations, corporates and startups, we unlock growth, we inspire and transform, we deliver a map to innovation.


Whether you’re leading an established business or a new venture, we help you identify growth opportunities, make strategic choices, craft and communicate a compelling strategy, and ensure that you sustain momentum.


We create a purpose-led strategy that is future focused and driven by innovation

We create a purpose-led strategy that is future focused and driven by innovation. In cooperation with our clients, we identify drivers of change and their impact on our business and understand core competencies and how they can be leveraged. We challenge current thinking and we identify opportunities for growth in core / adjacent and white sectors. Together, we will define your gameplan in current and future markets and develop multiple pathways and clear plans to achieve our goals. In addition, we will help you develop world class innovation capabilities and culture by planning and embedding an innovation culture and developing innovation professionals through learning via trainings / workshops and field trips to innovation ecosystems.


Business Creation

We develop fresh perspectives on market dynamics, customer needs & change drivers

We identify opportunities for growth by developing fresh perspectives on market dynamics, customer needs and change drivers . We look for opportunities for leveraging a company’s core competencies in other markets and identify game changing ideas. Together we develop business concepts and solutions that can be pitched for further investments and share our insights as to how to reduce risk and test market viability through small scale experiments. We help you accelerate and scale ideas that have demonstrated their viability.

Financing innovation

We help you identify sources of financing for your projects

Whether you are a startup looking for financing for your new venture, a public sector body or a corporate wishing to identify funding sources for their innovation projects, we will assist you discover the possibilities, decide on the course of action and manage the process of securing the required funds. Financing can come in many forms. We will utilize our long experience in dealing with EU financial instruments in order to direct you towards all the available funding opportunities, select the most appropriate scheme and manage the process of submission of a competitive proposal. In addition to grants, we can identify investors according to the maturity stage of your project or startup and support you during the negotiations process.