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We are journeying through an ever-changing global business environment, where technology is fundamentally and rapidly changing the way we interact with customers, suppliers and employees. Whether you’re leading a mature business or a new venture, you need to identify growth opportunities, make strategic choices, craft and communicate a compelling strategy and ensure that you sustain momentum.


MAP Innovation is a digital strategy boutique, with an expertise in harnessing Open Innovation to drive corporate Innovation. MAP Innovation works across a range of company sizes and engages with large corporates, SMES, startups, Venture Capitalists, Incubators, Accelerators, Academic and Research Institutions, as well as Technology Brokers.

When can we help?

Established companies

We assist established companies to thrive in a constantly changing business environment. We aim to give them all the support that they need in order to deal with disruption, stay relevant and future-proof their business. We aim to give them all of the support they need, in order to deal with disruption, stay relevant and future-proof their business, no matter what their pain points are. We help organizations to bring innovative change to their core business and keep the competitive edge ahead of or with startups. We support our clients to run brainstorming workshops, build prototypes and test ideas and customer appetite and create own venture capital arms.


We serve high growth startups and innovative small companies across the spectrum of various industries. Scaling to the new markets, relocating headquarters, raising capital, getting clarity on business directions requires practical know-how of the business environment and market conditions. We provide various consulting services to startups, such as business model development, investment attraction strategy, expansion to new markets strategy, pricing strategy, financial model, business plan and other services.

We believe in the power of technological innovation. Whether you are a startup or a big corporate, our vision is to help you leverage  the opportunities provided by innovation and technology.

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Meet Our CEO

Monica Ioannidou Polemitis


Monica has more than 15 years of experience in Strategy consulting, during which she has led engagements with corporates in various sectors, while in parallel, she has managed a number of large scale projects funded by the European Commission.

She specializes in innovation consulting, assisting companies to develop an innovation strategy and develop open innovation activities (inbound and outbound).

At the same time, she acts as a mentor of selected tech-based startups, assisting them with their business model and their access to financing for their ventures. She is an evaluator of applications on behalf of European accelerators and a trainer in the fields of digital skills, leadership and entrepreneurship. Monica frequently delivers workshops and trainings to C level executives on technological trends, case studies and best practices in dealing with the challenges of corporates (incumbents) in an ever changing global environment.